Here-4-You Counseling

Addiction Treatment Program

Dr. Rodman has extensive experience in working with addictive disorders

(alcohol, drug, gambling, sex/porn, etc.) dating back to 1990.  He has

worked with both adults and adolescents and uses a unique combination of

treatment and coaching to create a recovery approach that is simple,

effective, and provides permanent freedom from addiction.

Dr. Rodman uses evidence-based treatments to free patients from addiction.

Dr. Rodman will individualize a program to meet your specific needs to give you

the tools you need to overcome your addiction.

There are many steps to the recovery process, which can begin with identifying addiction problems through a comprehensive substance abuse assessment and learning about the treatment options available.


Addiction Recovery Coaching Program Summary (4 Weeks)                 
One-on-One Psychotherapy/Hypnotherapy                                                         -                      Weekly
Individual/Couple/Family Counseling Sessions                                                    -                      Weekly
Email & Chat Based Coaching                                                                            -                      Ongoing Exchanges
Video-Chat-Phone Recovery Coaching                                                                 -                      As Needed

By the end of this four week program, you will have complete, total and permanent freedom from addiction! Recovery is not intended to become your life... it is intended to give you your life back!  Once free from addiction... we have an ongoing Success & Life Coaching Program to help you get unstuck, stay unstuck, and to fully gain the life you were intended to live!

Dr. Rodman has an approach using conversational hypnosis language patterns that works with both the conscious and subconscious minds to have them work in agreement to free you from your addiction.  After identifying your addiction history and future goals and outcomes... Dr. Rodman will use Hypnotherapy to install a recovery mindset helping you to understand yourself as gaining freedom from addiction.  As a Master Practitioner with EFT/TFT he will teach specific coping skills to free you from urges/cravings/withdrawal symptoms.  As well, we help you to anchor states that support recovery and a freedom from addiction.  He will help you to be of one mind eliminating any conflicts between addiction, recovery, and freedom from addiction.  We work together to release negative emotions related to anger, sadness, fear, hurt, and guilt and also banish other negative emotions, limiting beliefs, and limiting decisions.

Dr. Jeffrey J. Rodman is a Licensed Substance Abuse Treatment Provider (LSATP), Master Addictions Counselor, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and has more than 30 years of freedom from addiction and life limiting beliefs!

He is also certified in administering a number of substance abuse assessment tools and has a wealth of experience in assessing for substance abuse in teens.