Insurance & Fee Information

Dr. Rodman is currently a provider for Cigna/Cigna Connect/Cigna SureFit, Anthem BC/BS, Magellan Behavioral Health, Aetna, Tri-Care, United Health, OptimaHealth (Sentara), and Humana Behavioral Health.  Dr. Rodman is also a Network Provider for several Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) including Anthem EAP and Federal Occupational Health EAP.  MOST Insurances will allow the use of an out-of-network provider and will reimburse you for a portion of the expense even if the provider does not take your insurance.  For clients with other insurances, we provide a statement itemizing the services rendered, amount paid, and diagnosis to submit to insurance for reimburse.  Clients may be eligible for a limited sliding-scale fee reduction of up to 50% for those with a financial hardship.

In Office – Face-to-Face Therapeutic Counseling Services

  • Individual/Couple/Family Counseling Sessions                                                       -                       $85
  • Group Counseling Sessions                                                                                    -                       $40
  • Initial Intake Assessment                                                                                      -                       $100
  • Comprehensive Substance Abuse Assessment w/Drug Screening                             -                       $200
  • Comprehensive Mental Health Evaluation                                                             -                       $200
  • 10 Panel Urine Drug Screening (Onsite Instant Test)                                              -                       $25

Online – Chat-Text-Video Based Therapeutic Counseling Services

  • Suboxone Addiction Counseling                                                                            -                       $75 Monthly
  • Video: Individual/Couple/Family Counseling Sessions (50 Minutes)                         -                       $85
  • Video: Group Counseling Sessions                                                                         -                       $40
  • Email & Chat Based Therapy - Unlimited [1]                                                          -                       $100/Monthly
  • Video-Chat Therapy Session (10 / 30 / 60 Minutes)                                               -                       $20/$50/$85

Mental Health Group Recovery Program          (8 Weeks)         Program Fee: $1,800 ($225/Week)       

  • Group Counseling Sessions                                                                                   -                      Twice Weekly
  • Individual/Couple/Family Counseling Sessions                                                     -                       Once Weekly
  • Email & Chat Based Therapy                                                                                -                       Ongoing Exchanges
  • Video-Chat Therapy Session                                                                                -                       Twice Weekly

Substance Abuse Group Recovery Program      (8 Weeks)         Program Fee: $2,000 ($250/Week)                   

  • Group Counseling Sessions                                                                                 -                       Twice Weekly
  • Individual/Couple/Family Counseling Sessions                                                    -                       Once Weekly
  • Email & Chat Based Therapy                                                                              -                       Daily Exchanges
  • Video-Chat Therapy Session (10 Minutes)                                                           -                       Twice Weekly
  • 10 Panel Urine Drug Screening                                                                           -                       Once Weekly

Individualized Substance Abuse/Mental Health Recovery Program                                ($800-$1,500/Monthly)      

  • Individual/Couple/Family Counseling Sessions (Video and/or In-Person)               -                       Twice Monthly
  • Email & Chat Based Therapy                                                                               -                       Ongoing Exchanges
  • Video-Chat Therapy Session (30 Minutes)                                                            -                       Twice Weekly

Reduced fees of up to 50% are available by request on a needs basis.

Dr. Jeffrey J. Rodman specializes in working with individuals, couples, and families on issues related to difficult, complicated, or strained family relationships, including marital issues. I am a Master Addictions Counselor and a Certified Clinical Criminal Justice Specialist and am adept at dealing with all types of issues related to addictions, alcoholism, delinquency, domestic violence, and other compulsive behaviors. As a National Trainer for the “Parenting with Love and Limits” program from Savannah, Georgia I implemented the original pilot study working with over 100 families with Difficult Teens.

[1] Email-Based Therapy typically involves ongoing message exchanges with a therapist response usually within 24 hours.  On average, Email-Based Therapy will average an exchange of up to 4,000 words per week (16,000 monthly). Email-Based Therapy with multiple exchanges per day with an exchange of 2,000 words per day receive more limited responses or additional fees will be discussed.