Insurance & Fee Information

Dr. Rodman is currently a provider for Anthem BC/BS, Magellan Behavioral Health, Tri-Care, United Health, OptimaHealth (Sentara), Optum Behavioral Health, and Humana Behavioral Health. We accept Medicaid when managed by Anthem Healthkeepers Plus, Aetna Better Health, or United Healthcare. We currently DO NOT accept Aetna Commercial (through an employer) and are NOT accepting new Cigna clients. Dr. Rodman is also a Network Provider for several Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) including Anthem EAP,  Cigna EAP, AllOneHealth EAP, Curalinc EAP, Federal Occupational Health EAP, and many others.  MOST Insurances will allow the use of an out-of-network provider and will reimburse you for a portion of the expense even if the provider does not take your insurance.  For clients with other insurances, we provide a statement itemizing the services rendered, amount paid, and diagnosis to submit to insurance for reimburse.  Clients may be eligible for a limited sliding-scale fee reduction of up to 50% for those with a financial hardship.

In Office/Online Therapeutic Counseling Services

  • Individual/Couple/Family Counseling Sessions                                                       -                      $150
  • One-on-One Hypnotherapy                                                                                   -                       $250
  • Group Counseling Sessions                                                                                    -                       $50
  • Initial Intake Assessment                                                                                      -                       $200
  • Comprehensive Substance Abuse Assessment                                                         -                       $300
  • Comprehensive Mental Health Evaluation                                                              -                       $300

Healthy Weight Transformation Program          (4 Weeks)         Program Fee: $3,000       

  • One-on-One Hypnotherapy                                                                                  -                      Weekly
  • Individual/Couple/Family Counseling Sessions                                                     -                       Once Weekly
  • Email & Chat Based Therapy                                                                               -                       Daily Check-ins
  • Walk and Talk Sessions                                                                                        -                       Three Times Weekly

Substance Free Transformation Program        (4 Weeks)         Program Fee: $3,000                 

  • One-on-One Hypnotherapy                                                                                 -                     Weekly
  • Individual/Couple/Family Counseling Sessions                                                    -                      Once Weekly
  • Email & Chat Based Therapy                                                                              -                      Daily Exchanges
  • Video-Chat Therapy Session (10 Minutes)                                                           -                       Twice Weekly

Individualized Healthy Weight/Substance Abuse/Mental Health Recovery Program        ($2,000-$4,000/Monthly)      

  • One-on-One Hypnotherapy                                                                                 -                      Weekly
  • Individual/Couple/Family Counseling Sessions (Video and/or In-Person)               -                      Twice Monthly
  • Email & Chat Based Therapy                                                                               -                      Ongoing Exchanges
  • Video-Chat Therapy Session (30 Minutes)                                                            -                       Twice Weekly

Reduced fees of up to 50% are available by request on a needs basis.

Dr. Jeffrey J. Rodman specializes in working with individuals, couples, and families on issues related to difficult, complicated, or strained family relationships, including marital issues. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Licensed Substance Abuse Treatment Practitioner (LSATP), Master Addictions Counselor and a Certified Clinical Criminal Justice Specialist and am adept at dealing with all types of issues related to addictions, alcoholism, delinquency, domestic violence, and other compulsive behaviors. As a National Trainer for the “Parenting with Love and Limits” program from Savannah, Georgia, I implemented the original pilot study working with over 100 families with Difficult Teens.

[1] Email-Based Therapy typically involves ongoing message exchanges with a therapist response usually within 24 hours.  On average, Email-Based Therapy will average an exchange of up to 4,000 words per week (16,000 monthly). Email-Based Therapy with multiple exchanges per day with an exchange of 2,000 words per day receive more limited responses or additional fees will be discussed.