Here-4-You Counseling

Christian Counseling

Dr. Rodman has a PhD in Religion from Christian

Bible College of Rocky Mount and is a member of

the American Association of Christian Counselors

and is adept at dealing with life issues from a

Christian perspective.

The foundation of Christian Counseling first and

foremost needs to be the understanding that I am "a counselor," NOT "The Counselor."  Counseling needs to refocus an individual to seek comfort and assurance from the one true Counselor, the Lord Jesus Christ!

Isaiah 61 announces the reasons for and results of the Lord's coming:
heal the brokenhearted; to proclaim freedom for the captives; to comfort those who mourn; to replace the spirit of despair with the garment of joyous praise; to rebuild the ruined cities and restore the devastated, desolate areas.”

Is This Promise for You?  In Luke 4, Jesus tells us this prophecy from Isaiah has been. This means you can have these promises of God...the promised freedom, joy and peace...NOW!

Yet many still feel as if they live in bondage, behind bars within themselves, captive to their past, their pain and their fear. If you wonder why you don't fully EXPERIENCE Jesus' promised freedom, I can help!